Do you want to know how pawn shops work? B & B Pawn Shop has been delivering quality and efficient services to communities for the past 15 years and we are still growing strong. Customers in Fredericksburg, Virginia often choose us because we offer the best pawning services in the area.

Despite the recent boom in the pawn industry, many people are still grappling with the concept of how pawn shops work. You may also be wondering which are the more reliable pawn shops near you.  If you are in need of any of our services or would simply like more information about the services we offer, feel free to contact us or call us at 540-891-8850 today!

What are the requirements at B & B Pawn?

We follow the rules of the Virginia State Law, which says that you need a valid US State issued photo ID or military ID to pawn an item and get a loan. 


How Pawn Shops Work? 

Pawn shops have been around for hundreds of years.The premise of the business is quite simple:

  1. The items will be bought by the pawnshop.
  2. The item will be pawned. This means that the pawn shop will get the item and give a loan to the customer for the item. The customer will then pay the loan back, with agreed upon interest.

Once the money and interest is paid back, the customer will get his item back. For example, if I was desperate for cash and needed to pay my cell phone bill in order to keep it working, I could take my item to the pawn shop. They decide they are willing to loan me $50 for my item. They keep the item and I get some money to pay my bill.  Two weeks later I receive my paycheck from work and head back to the pawnshop. I give them the $50 back plus small storage fee and pick up my item.


What exactly is a pawn?

A pawn loan is a quick, secure and easy way to obtain the cash you require! All you need is a valid state-issued ID and your personal property to use as collateral.


What happens if I lose my ticket?

If your ticket is lost or misplaced, you must have your valid id that matches the name and information we have on file from when you did your pawn transaction. Take care to not lose your pawn ticket, as someone could use that and come in and pick the item up with that ticket.



What kinds of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal as methods of payment. No business or personal checks are accepted.


Who can pick up my pawned item?

An item that is in pawned at B&B Pawn can be picked up with the matching pawn slip or the ID of the person who did the original pawn. If the pawn slip is lost or destroyed, then the only person who can pick up the item is the person who put it in pawn with their matching ID.


What kind of items can I pawn at B&B Pawn?

We take all kinds of items for pawn loans at Pawn USA. We take computers, cameras, smartphones, tablets, tools, musical instruments, motorcycles, four wheelers, bikes, wheels, rims, sporting goods such as golf clubs, snowblowers, generators, collectibles, large screen TVs, car audio equipment, stereo equipment, speakers, DJ equipment, and of course all kinds of jewelry and gold! Bring your item by and we are happy to give you a price, always.


Do you buy silver?

Yes, we do buy silver. We mostly deal in silver coins, but we also buy sterling silver flatware (silverware, serving pieces, silver bowls and goblets, etc) and some silver jewelry. With silver escalating in price, we pay more for sterling silver than we ever have!


Do you buy platinum?

Yes, we do buy platinum. History shows that platinum is usually worth more than gold.


Do you buy diamonds?

Yes, we are always in in the market for buying diamonds. We will pay the most cash for your loose or set diamond.


How do you evaluate my merchandise and decide how much to give me?

Evaluating merchandise, new and old is something that we do everyday. Our shop specialists use many tools and sources of information to determine the value of your item. The condition, brand, reliability, rarity, size, style, etc are all things that we look at. We look at eBay and other online vendors to help us determine a fair market value.


Should I sell or pawn?

B&B Pawn buys all items and selling is a great way to get extra cash quick.  But if you don’t want to part with your item, a pawn loan is a great option, as you don’t have to give your item up and can come get it back after paying off the loan.


Can you give me a quote for my item over the phone?

We can give approximate phone and email quotes, but It is hard to give a quote over the phone or via email without actually seeing the item. A lot of things go into the valuation of an item and we are better able to get you the best/ most accurate price if we see your item in person. You are welcome to fill out a form on this site and submit it to us with any photos or information, and we will always try to do our best.


Can you give me a quote for my item via email?

We can give approximate phone and email quotes, but It is hard to give a quote over the phone or via email without actually seeing the item. A lot of things go into the valuation of an item and we are bet able to get you the best/most accurate price if we see your item in person.