Affordable Musical Instruments

Find the right instrument for you at B & B Pawn

At B & B Pawn, we understand the importance of finding the right instrument to express your musical passion. Our diverse array of musical instruments caters to musicians of all levels. Visit us today and embark on a melodious journey as you explore the possibilities that our high-quality instruments can bring to your musical endeavors.

The Types of Instruments we Have

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Unleash your musical creativity with our array of electric and acoustic guitars. From soulful strumming to powerful riffs, find the perfect companion for your musical journey.

Black Electric Bass Guitar

Bass Guitars

Set the rhythm with our selection of bass guitars. Whether you’re a seasoned bassist or a beginner exploring low-end frequencies, our instruments deliver the perfect balance of style and substance.


Amplifiers & Speakers

Elevate your sound with our range of amplifiers and speakers. From intimate solo performances to rocking out with a band, our equipment ensures your music is heard with clarity and power.

A Trumpet

Student Band Instruments

Nurture budding musicians with our student band instruments. From brass to woodwinds, our collection is designed to support the next generation of musical talent.

Red Drum Set

Drum Sets & Gears

Keep the beat alive with our impressive drum sets and gears. Whether you’re a percussion enthusiast or a seasoned drummer, our instruments offer the rhythm and versatility you need.

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