Firearms Sales

Get More Bang for Your Buck at B & B Pawn

Do you want more bang for your buck? Look no further—B & B Pawn caters to all kinds of gun enthusiasts, providing a diverse range of pawn shop guns for sale. Whether you’re in the market for handguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, or assault rifles, we’ve got you covered.

Are you seeking something to scare off potential threats, a modern hunting rifle, or a unique addition to your collection? Our knowledgeable pawn shop employees are here to understand your needs and offer appropriate suggestions, ensuring you find the perfect firearm for your requirements.

Budget concerns? Worry no longer. At B & B Pawn, we offer our guns at very reasonable rates, making quality firearms accessible to all. If you’re looking for a specific gun, give our store a call. Even if it’s not currently in stock, we are licensed to order or transfer it to our shop for you.

Firearms at B & B Pawn

Various Rifles and Shotguns on a display rack

Rifles & Shotguns

Discover precision and power in our selection of rifles and shotguns. Whether you’re an avid hunter, sports shooter, or looking for reliable home-defense options, our inventory boasts a variety of styles and calibers to suit your needs.

Revolver in a case on a table

Handguns & Revolvers

From compact handguns for personal defense to powerful models suitable for sport shooting or home protection, our range of pistols and revolvers offers a balance of reliability and performance.

Assault style Rifles on a wall display

Military Style Guns

For those seeking enhanced capabilities, explore our military-style guns. Designed for precision, power, and rapid-fire capabilities, these firearms are suited for various scenarios.

Glock style carry gun

Carry Guns

Find the perfect companion for concealed carry among our selection of compact and reliable firearms. Our carry guns prioritize both portability and performance.

antique and fancy engraved shotguns

Antique & Collectible Guns

Step back in time with our collection of antique and collectible firearms. Each piece tells a unique story and adds a touch of history to your collection.

9mm ammunition


Stock up on high-quality ammunition to complement your firearms. Our selection ensures that you have the right ammunition for every purpose, from target practice to self-defense.

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